3/16/2010 Lulu's (Brooklyn, NY) with The Two Funerals, Big Soda, P.S. Eliot
4/1/2010 Bushwick Music Studios (Brooklyn, NY) with All of the Friends, Swear Jar, Attica! Attica!, Stolen Parts
4/30/2010 at Bosnia (New Brunswick, NJ) with Lost Weekend, Backpocket, Big Soda, Witches
5/7/2010 at Death by Audio (Brooklyn, NY) with Death First, Mouthbreather, Max Levine Ensemble, Bridge & Tunnel
6/20/2010 at Death by Audio (Brooklyn, NY) with Signals Midwest, Shitty Darkness, Hot New Mexicans, Bomb the Music Industry
8/22/2010 at 538 Johnson #208 (Brooklyn, NY) with Field Mouse, Georgian, Billy Raygun
9/26/2010 at 538 Johnson #210 (Brooklyn, NY) with Campo Formio 
10/07/2010 at Bruar Falls (Brooklyn, NY) with Easter Vomit, Little Victory, The Sleepies
10/21/2010 "Girls will be Grrrls" Support New York benefit at Hank's Saloon (Brooklyn, NY) with Aye Nako, The Butts, Hey Baby, Hot Mess (DC), The Facts We Hate, Titfit, + more
11/19/10 at Cedar Mansion (Brooklyn, NY) with Marvin Berry and the New Sound, Loon (RI), Bridge & Tunnel
12/18/2010 Stolen Sleeves (Brooklyn, NY) with Death Rats (DC), Black Wing, Death First
2/4/2011 Cedar Mansion (Brooklyn, NY) with Rundown, Cheesequake, Worriers, Noun
4/8/2011 Cedar Mansion (Brooklyn, NY) with Vacation, Dead Mechanical, P.S. Eliot (LP release show!)